Obscured Truth; Court is in Session


{WW}BetaBloodWolf7: I'd swear my old school was trying to get us to forget how to write anything but our names... Jul 3, 2015 19:13:18 GMT -5
ch00beh: i bought a fountain pen and was gonna play with it but it turns out i have actually forgotten how to write Jul 3, 2015 18:42:21 GMT -5
{WW}BetaBloodWolf7: But what if I don't wanna D: Jul 2, 2015 22:09:50 GMT -5
LeeTupper: TIME TO WRIIIIIIIIITE. Jun 30, 2015 23:28:31 GMT -5
LeeTupper: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qv5Oo0BwQw8 Jun 30, 2015 23:28:15 GMT -5
{WW}BetaBloodWolf7: How many tattoos do you have anyways? Jun 23, 2015 15:57:23 GMT -5
Yoshimitsu: https://41.media.tumblr.com/f519a9c6018833cdfcb6cf5a2de3f411/tumblr_nqed6ocArr1qd22n0o1_400.jpg Jun 23, 2015 14:20:01 GMT -5
Yoshimitsu: i got a new tattoo Jun 23, 2015 14:19:57 GMT -5
{WW}BetaBloodWolf7: Yay! It's Ninety! How 'bout that? Jun 18, 2015 20:37:16 GMT -5
Ninety: also hi Jun 17, 2015 22:29:05 GMT -5
Ninety: whose turn is it in Emet Jun 17, 2015 22:28:54 GMT -5
Kara: Since folks are rather busy so far, there is one very useful thing I can do this summer that might make some folks happy - finally finish the wiki page I've been working on for all my OCs, fantasy races, etc. Jun 13, 2015 19:53:35 GMT -5
Kara: *hopes things can get more active in here soonish* Jun 7, 2015 15:12:07 GMT -5
{WW}BetaBloodWolf7: Tomorrow is the day we should be heading out onto the road. I may not be on tonight, but I likely will be Jun 7, 2015 8:47:50 GMT -5
Kara: Like, maybe RP as a young pirate inspired by Luffy's fame to go out and start their own crew, or something interesting like that. Could have devil fruits, mentions of canon characters, etc May 16, 2015 16:59:30 GMT -5
Kara: Gonna scrap my other idea since I just couldn't figure it out. Curious, but is anyone here on the board a fan of One Piece? Been getting massively into that again, and the idea of doing a story in that universe would be totally epic... May 16, 2015 16:56:05 GMT -5
{WW}BetaBloodWolf7: Hey SV! How're you? May 9, 2015 8:31:22 GMT -5
SV: *pokes head in* sup folks. May 9, 2015 4:33:40 GMT -5
{WW}BetaBloodWolf7: Don't ya just love it when an idea gets stuck in there? May 8, 2015 6:23:33 GMT -5
Kara: I have a messed up idea for an RP involving a character ending up pregnant as part of some freaky experiment, but no idea how to even go about it (and possibly might suck doing it... blegh). But the idea has beendancing around in my head for weeks... gaaah May 3, 2015 17:15:15 GMT -5
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