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asmo: ::) Mar 16, 2015 0:59:52 GMT -5
Yoshimitsu: hi loog Mar 7, 2015 18:25:26 GMT -5
its loog: hi Mar 4, 2015 5:19:33 GMT -5
SV: ;) Feb 17, 2015 0:21:24 GMT -5
ch00beh: Also the only other room in my apartment is my bedroom............ ;) Feb 16, 2015 3:04:21 GMT -5
ch00beh: http://imgur.com/HziekNQ I did eat it alone and it was great Feb 16, 2015 3:03:38 GMT -5
SV: k I'm omw. I'll sit in the other room so you can still eat dinner alone tomorrow. Feb 16, 2015 0:34:41 GMT -5
ch00beh: sv come over i made saag paneer for two so i could eat dinner alone tomorrow as well Feb 15, 2015 1:57:11 GMT -5
SV: My life is a terrib;e thing and I have had an awful lot of rum because hahahaha fuck valentines' day. Feb 14, 2015 2:39:02 GMT -5
{WW}BetaBloodWolf7: SV, you are part of a terrible thing and a traitor. Feb 14, 2015 1:38:16 GMT -5
SV: Honestly, b-dubbs, I probably know Silumas from like eons ago on the old-school boards where I know Lee and Pohatu and choobs from. Nothing personal. We just can't let you have the shoutbox. Feb 13, 2015 19:50:06 GMT -5
Silumas: Of course I am up to something sinister, Blood. I'm always up to something sinister. Its what I do! Feb 12, 2015 15:12:22 GMT -5
ch00beh: super bowl champion thomas brayde fucked up more kobolds last night. it was dope. Feb 6, 2015 1:08:06 GMT -5
{WW}BetaBloodWolf7: Come on SV, buddy, you've known me for ages. He disappeared, then came back. He must be up to something sinister, surely! You know you can trust good ol' B-dubs, I'm the Neck of Great House Ulaich, loyalty is my middle name! Unofficially, but still it is! Feb 5, 2015 21:28:43 GMT -5
Silumas: *steeples fingers* Allied we shall be. For now.......for now.... Feb 5, 2015 13:15:42 GMT -5
Silumas: SV, I do not share, anything. With anyone. But, I suppose I shall make an exception. It is less about my having possession, and more about Blood not having possession. Feb 5, 2015 13:15:13 GMT -5
Silumas: That period-added fool is no even close approximation to me! Feb 5, 2015 13:14:30 GMT -5
SV: I hereby vow to share the Shoutbox with Silumas and keep it out of Blood's filthy hands. *fist bumps Silumas* Feb 5, 2015 0:32:19 GMT -5
Silumas.: Nah, just kidding. The Shoutbox belongs to Blood and I'll never get to keep it Feb 1, 2015 20:57:22 GMT -5
ch00beh: sup v Feb 1, 2015 16:59:00 GMT -5
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