Fallfish (Invitation Only)


{WW}BetaBloodWolf7: Sounds like a fun time, Choobs Dec 18, 2014 5:58:09 GMT -5
ch00beh: I played DnD for the first time. My character was an alcoholic dwarf bard. There was a point where he successfully insulted a tentacle monster's mother so bad or missed all its attacks the next turn Dec 17, 2014 5:21:17 GMT -5
Silumas: *continues to watch the antics of Blood from his demiplane, the true shoutbox in his possession* Tsk tsk tsk. You shall never learn. Dec 16, 2014 18:29:25 GMT -5
{WW}BetaBloodWolf7: *Pushes Silumas down a well and takes the real shoutbox from him* Dec 14, 2014 22:17:22 GMT -5
Silumas: *stares at the illusion of himself he created as it falls down, still rubbing the real shoutbox gingerly* You may have the wall of text when you have earned it. Mortal. Dec 13, 2014 11:09:37 GMT -5
{WW}BetaBloodWolf7: *Pushes Silumas down, causing him to drop the fake shoutbox and lose it* Wall of text you say? When can I have this wall of text? Dec 11, 2014 18:04:01 GMT -5
Silumas: *mwa ha ha's as he walks away with the real shoutbox* Foolish mortals... Dec 10, 2014 13:15:42 GMT -5
LeeTupper: https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-tSPMNDiGEWw/VIeqF8rgJ9I/AAAAAAAAEvM/jSe1ZtiYIJY/s346/wall.jpg Dec 10, 2014 9:28:55 GMT -5
LeeTupper: One more week til finals are done! <3 Dec 9, 2014 13:35:26 GMT -5
SV: Gasp! Deception! Dec 8, 2014 20:02:19 GMT -5
{WW}BetaBloodWolf7: Thanks for the Shoutbox, SV! *Pulls the Silumas mask off in a dramatic fashion then steals the other half of the Shoutbox and runs away* Dec 8, 2014 6:36:21 GMT -5
SV: *breaks shoutbox in half and gives part to Silumas* Dec 7, 2014 20:09:00 GMT -5
Silumas: Nuuuu! I had the shoutbox for almost a week! I demand it back this instant! Dec 6, 2014 21:10:46 GMT -5
SV: Or requested. It's not that urgent. Dec 5, 2014 23:08:10 GMT -5
SV: LEE where are you you are needed. Dec 5, 2014 23:07:57 GMT -5
SV: *looks around and, seeing that no one seems to be paying attention to the shoutbox, takes shoutbox and hides it in her pocket* Dec 5, 2014 23:07:24 GMT -5
Silumas: *deftly dodges the shopping cart, while using some excellent blue magic to retake the Shoutbox* Then why do I always seem to have it when you think you do? Nov 28, 2014 20:38:18 GMT -5
{WW}BetaBloodWolf7: No, but he had a shopping cart like this one. *Shoves a shopping cart at Silumas then takes the Shoutbox from him* You know that only I can have the Shoutbox Nov 28, 2014 1:14:12 GMT -5
Silumas: Did he have a shoutbox, like this one? *holds up shoutbox with one hand, stirring the pot with the other...* Nov 28, 2014 0:52:13 GMT -5
{WW}BetaBloodWolf7: So today when I went out shopping I saw someone who looked remarkably like Pohatu. Just a bit older and blond Nov 27, 2014 6:31:52 GMT -5
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